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A Celebration

banner for the 11th anniversary event

We are looking forward to celebration the eleventh anniversary of our first Show Off! night this evening.

The event will be fairly informal, and to some extent guided by the flow of conversation. Depending on that flow, over the course of 90 minutes we plan to include (a) conversation regarding the origins of Show Off!, (b) a discussion of everyone’s favourite Show Off! Moments, (c) a short series of photos from the first ten years of Show Off!, (d) a special sing-along, led by Nathan, of some old-school music-hall favourites, (e) a ten-question trivia competition regarding Show Off! History, and (f) a discussion regarding attendees’ “wish list” for future live and online events.

Tonight's soirée is a pay-what-you-wish event, recognising that the past year has been very difficult for many of us. To purchase tickets (for £1 or more), please use the PayPal button below. Alternatively - or if you are unable to purchase a ticket - please email us at our reservations address to reserve a spot.

We hope that you can join us tonight.

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Posted on 6 March 2021 by the Show Off! team